Learning MMA From A Legend

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Who is Bas Rutten?

Learning MMA From A Legend

Bas Rutten is a widely respected veteran of mixed martial arts who has held the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title and has provided commentary for Pride Fighting Championship in Japan before it was purchased by the UFC.

His victories have come at a nearly 50/50 split between knockouts and submissions. Bas has provided VideoJug.com with several instructional martial arts videos to help augment an athlete's training. This is a great tool for beginners in the sport and an opportunity to learn from one of the pioneers of MMA.

Bas covers topics ranging from rear naked chokes to triangle chokes and armbars. But he doesn't just show you how to use these submission moves. He also explains why they work and gives you some insight into how you might be able to escape such a hold should you find yourself in one.

Being successful in the world of MMA means understanding every aspect of the game. The martial arts training videos from Bas Rutten allow you to observe these techniques and apply them in your training and competition.

It is like getting one-on-one training with a world champion for free.



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