Grip Strength

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How can improved grip strength benefit me?

Grip Strength

One very important yet often overlooked area of training when it comes to combat sports is grip strength. Most athletes give very little attention to their hands and forearms and focus more on biceps and triceps.

By increasing the strength in your grip, you are toughening the muscles in your hands. For boxers and mixed martial artists, this gives you a much harder punch than doing biceps curls alone.

Greco-Roman wrestlers in high school, college, mixed martial arts competition or the Olympics will be able to maintain better control of their opponents.

Use resistance handgrips and rope pulls to improve your grip strength. You can do a lot to improve in this area while at the gym or even sitting on your couch. Having great upper arm strength won't do you any good if you cannot use your hands effectively.

These days more and more people are realizing the importance of grip strength. There are many free martial arts training videos available online that highlight different ways of building this vital strength.



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