The Link Between Lifestyle & Cancer

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What lifestyle elements contribute to cancer?

The Link Between Lifestyle & Cancer

In the past 20 years a direct link between smoking and cancer has been exposed. We know that smoking can lead to more than 15 different types of cancer. But what about other parts of our lifestyle? How about drinking alcohol? The food we eat?

Let's start with alcohol. People often notice a very warm or even burning sensation when they drink liquor. That is because it is actually an irritant. Alcohol can irritate/inflame the mouth, throat and stomach lining.

While not a direct cause, heavy drinking can damage parts of the body and make them more susceptible to developing cancer. Alcohol can cause liver disease and cirrhosis, which increases the chances of developing cancer in these areas.

Now, in the case of diet, there is no food that has been proven to cause cancer, but obesity can be a dangerous contributor. There is no direct cause-and-effect link between obesity and cancer, but there is a growing trend of obese people developing cancer. By not properly taking care of the body, it becomes more vulnerable to other diseases.

Your daily lifestyle dictates your health and should be taken seriously. It is just as important in a healthy person as it is in a Stage 4 cancer patient. The good news is that there are plenty of enjoyable ways to take care of your body and stay healthy. You just have to be committed to them.



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