Start With Things You Like

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Does everything you cook come from a cookbook?

Start With Things You Like

Cooking is very subjective. What one believes to be delicious might be bad to the next. The best cooking is the result of trial and error. Making something that is not good is a step toward making something that is.

Start with what you know you like. Take a few things and try different combinations. See what works well together and what does not. The important thing is not to get discouraged. If something turns out bad, at least you know now not to do that again. Now move on.

Not everything you make has to be pulled from a recipe in a cookbook. Create your own concoctions. If you like honey mustard and you like Caesar dressing, put the two together. Try different proportions until you get the combination that works best as a Honey Mustard Caesar sauce. Drizzle it over some chicken tenders or breasts and you have a meal. It is that simple.

You can create chicken dishes, seafood, control the calories in food, etc. You can even make short chicken recipes videos or other recipe videos on what you came up with and post in online for others to try. Maybe it will be the first step toward you becoming the next Emeril.



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