Getting the Temperature Right

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How do you know when the meat is done?

Getting the Temperature Right

Cooking meat is an art form. It is something you gain a feel for over time. Whether grilling a steak or making stir-fr, you can get to the point where you do not need a timer to tell you when you are done. You'll just know by the look and smell of the meat.

The most common reason for overcooked meat is simple. You might think if you want your steak medium you cook it to medium. But you would be wrong. The juices inside the steak, chicken or whatever other meat you are making will continue to cook even after being taken away from a heat source.

If you grill a steak to medium and then take it off it will continue to cook inside and end up as medium-well. So if you want that porter house medium rare, cook it to rare and let it sit for a few minutes before devouring it. The end result is a juicier, more tender and flavorful meal.

People worried about salmonella often cook their chicken more than they need to and end up with dried-out chicken dishes. Practice makes perfect and soon you'll know when that exact time has come and your food will be so much more enjoyable.



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