A Little Bit of This and a Handful of That

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Do you have trouble following vague recipes?

A Little Bit of This and a Handful of That

Have you ever known someone who happens to be a great cook but could not give you a recipe if his life depended on it? The person who cannot tell you a teaspoon of this or an ounce of that. Instead they measure in “some of this, and a bit of that.” They do everything by feel and instinct without measuring anything.

That can be hard to follow. These types of verbal directions can often lead to a meal less than what you aimed for. With online culinary videos you do not have to listen to these types of instructions and just wing it. Now you can actually see what the chef is doing as he or she does it.

When they say “a little of this” or “a handful of that” you can see how big their hands are and what a little really equals. Now you can make chicken dishes, steaks, chili or casseroles without worrying if you used too much or not enough of something.

Sometimes it is easier to learn with visuals instead of words on a page or spoken over the phone. These videos can limit the number of errors in your trials.



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