Strengthening Your Back Through Pilates

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How do I strengthen my back through exercise?

Strengthening Your Back Through Pilates

Have you ever injured your back? If you have then you know how frustrating it can be. If you sprain an ankle or break a finger, the rest of your body can still function somewhat normally. The back is different.

An injury to your back neutralizes your core. Your center of gravity is compromised. You will find that your arms and legs are weaker and cannot get the same range of motion when your back is hurt. Strong abdominal muscles won't counteract the weakness in your back. It affects everything.

This is the perfect reason to incorporate exercises that target the back and aim to strengthen it into your workout routine. So many people ignore this important area of exercise, but it is an area embraced by Pilates.

There are tons of Pilates exercises that target the muscles in your back and work to strengthen them. By doing this you are strengthening your core and improving your entire body.

A strong back makes exercising other areas much easier and more productive. So make sure to pay sufficient attention to this and your workouts will be much more effective.



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