Balance/Exercise balls

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What can I do with a balance ball?

Balance/Exercise balls

Getting a decent workout at home used to be very difficult. Exercise machines take up too much space. Free weights are too heavy and cumbersome. With the growth in popularity of Pilates, a new piece of home exercise equipment has made a big difference: the balance ball.

Also known as the exercise ball, this item has opened up a whole new world of home exercise for most people. Balance balls are not meant to build big muscular arms or make you super strong. In fact, many of the exercises (though not all) you can do with them are designed for women who have recently had a child.

These workouts target the abs, legs and back for the most part. They are a great way to tone muscle and lose weight. Balance balls are available now at many sporting goods stores and are affordable.

When you pick up a balance ball, check out Pilates videos online that show you exactly how they can be used to hit the key areas of your body that you want to work on. Just remember to use a room in your house where you can clear furniture and other objects out of your workout area.



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