Pilates Can Save You a Headache

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Do you get neck and headaches after sitting at a desk all day?

Pilates Can Save You a Headache

Have you ever come home with a sore neck after sitting in front of a computer for eight hours? Posture, both in standing and sitting positions, affect the neck and back. Often times people sit at their desk at work in a way that puts unnecessary strain on the neck.

Pilates offers exercises that can be done both at home and while you are at work to strengthen your neck and improve your posture. This will help relieve neck aches and prevent further problems from occurring.

The term “pain in the neck” has more meaning than you might realize. The saying basically means that something is irritating and can give you a headache. The source of headaches can often be discomfort in the neck. Neck pain can travel upward and lead to severe headaches. So taking care of your neck is taking care of your head as well.

By exercising your neck through Pilates exercises you can avoid crippling headaches invading your day. As a result your day to day routine as well as physical exercise and activities will be neck and headache-free.

If you have chronic neck pain or headaches, try Pilates exercises and you will feel the improvement.



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