Gripping The Ball In Cricket

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How do you grip the ball to bowl fast in cricket?

Gripping The Ball In Cricket

Just like any other sport involving a ball, the way you grip a cricket ball is important. In cricket, the ball has a seam in the center. The first step to gripping the ball to successfully bowl fast is by placing your index and middle fingers on opposite sides of the seam.

Make sure that there is a finger's width of space between the ball and the palm of your hand. If you grip the ball too tightly or too loosely you will not be able to maintain proper control, and accuracy is important.

It is important to have your wrist in the right position when you release the ball. It should be cocked back and locked, allowing the ball to roll upward and off of your fingers with a backspin.

It will take some practice to feel completely comfortable with the grip and to get better at controlling exactly where the ball goes. Getting it right once or twice may be easy, but to be consistently good at controlling the ball while getting good speed at the same time will take a little while to master.

Cricket videos online are a good way to see and practice the proper grip. Even in your home, just practicing the grip without throwing the ball is helpful.



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