Proper Batting Stance In Cricket

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What is the proper stance in cricket?

Proper Batting Stance In Cricket

For a batsman in cricket, everything starts with the proper stance. If the stance is correct, the batsman can be ready for just about anything coming his or her way. Live cricket videos online are a good way of seeing the proper stance in action and how important it is to being successful.

The first thing you want to do is stand sideways so that your lead foot is facing straight out to the field of play. For a right-handed player this means your left leg should be in front. Having your stronger leg in back gives you better strength and speed. Your feet should be approximately one foot apart from each other on each side of the crease.

Keep your knees slightly bent and put your weight on the balls of your feet. This allows for faster response time and better range of motion. Do not bend your knees to much, as this will hurt your balance and mobility.

Your front hand when standing sideways should rest gently on the inside thigh of your lead leg as you await the ball. From this position you can employ any number of swings depending on where the ball comes in.

When watching a cricket video, note how the batsman stays loose and relaxed because his weight is on the balls of his feet, allowing freer movement.



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