Protection From Bike Theft

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How much should I spend on a bike lock?

Protection From Bike Theft

If it was worth the money to buy your bike then it is worth the extra money to protect it from being stolen. Invest in locks to make sure you never have to return to where you left your bike and see nothing but air.

A good lock that will give thieves the most trouble could run upward of $100. There are good locks for less than that, but the more you spend the more likely the lock is to stop theft. The best protection is found when you use two separate and different types of locks. This may add a few seconds to your trips, but it will add a lot more to a thief's. Having to get through two locks is obviously harder and more time-consuming than just one.

Bike and cycling videos online offer demonstrations of some top bike locks recommended by experts all over the world. Make sure the lock secures both the tire and frame of the bike. Otherwise someone may just remove your tire and take the rest.

Whenever you are away from your bike, even for a minute, lock it up. It is better to not take any chances. And lock it in the most public place available. If possible, keep it somewhere that you can see it the entire time. If not, try and keep it somewhere where it is out in the open. These places help to ensure that someone trying to break a lock and steal your bike will attract more attention than they want.



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