Hand-Eye Coordination In Tennis

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How do you improve hand-eye coordination?

Hand-Eye Coordination In Tennis

In tennis, hand-eye coordination is the most important thing. This is the point at which you have to start if you want to improve as a player. There are a number of drills that can help you improve your hand-eye coordination so that you are ready for competition.

To start, simply play catch with a tennis ball. Have a training partner throw the ball back and forth with you. The idea is to catch and throw the ball quickly and with only one hand at a time. Alternate hands until you feel completely comfortable with both.

Then you can move on to using practice cones. In this drill, when your partner throws the ball you will not catch it with your hands. Instead, in your hand you will have a practice cone. Hold it upside down so that the opening faces upward. Now catch the ball in the cone. It is harder than it sounds. Make sure to move your whole body, not just the arm holding the cone.

After this you can move on to hand-eye coordination drills using tennis rackets. Many of these are demonstrated online in tennis videos that can help your training. These drills will improve coordination, reflexes and accuracy so you can keep up with the pace of high level competition.



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