Lateral Movement In Tennis

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How can I improve lateral movement for tennis?

Lateral Movement In Tennis

Tennis requires just as much footwork as it does skill with a racket and ball. In order to keep up with serious competition you have to be able to move laterally (side to side). This means your entire body must be in good shape.

Exercises like squats, leg presses and jumping rope work all the muscles in your legs. They will increase speed and strength and make it easier to get from one side of the court to the other as fast as possible.

Try standing in one corner of the court with your legs spread shoulder-width and your arms extended parallel to the ground. Now move quickly across the court, crossing your feet over one another with each step. As you cross one foot over the other, turn your arms and torso in the opposite direction. This will work your legs as well as your abs and improve lateral motion.

Make sure to wear sneakers that give you the proper ankle support. If you have bad ankles that are prone to rolling or sprains, or you just want to be cautious, use athletic braces or compression sleeves for joints to avoid injury.

And always make sure the court is dry and there is nothing that you might trip over before doing these drills or playing an opponent. Check out some tennis instruction videos online for other methods of improving your lateral movement.



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