How Stars Form

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How do stars form?

How Stars Form

How often do you take a minute to look at the stars in the sky? When you were a child, did you ever wonder where they came from? How they came to be? Science can be so amazing that it mirrors what, as a child, you felt was magic.

A star forms from a vast region of dust and gases. In extremely low temperatures, those gases collapse under their own gravity. When this happens, at the center of this collapse the density increases dramatically, causing atoms to collide with each other. As these atoms start hitting faster, they reach a critical density in which Hydrogen becomes Helium.

Many other materials are essentially ejected from the new formation and a star is born. There are obviously many processes that happen during the formation of a star and this is the basic premise. You can learn more about those processes through astronomy videos posted online by experts in the various sub-specialties of astronomy.

These provide an excellent basis for education. By becoming familiar with the big picture and what happens, you become ready to examine the subtleties of space, what it holds and what it may hold.



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