What Are Wormholes?

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What is a wormhole?

What Are Wormholes?

Any fan of science fiction knows about the use of wormholes in Star Trek. A black hole in the universe that when entered will pop you back out light years away from where you started in only a few seconds. But are they real?

We know that black holes do exist in space. Scientists have observed matter in outer space actually falling into a black hole at the center of the Milky Way and never coming back out. So where did it go?

Videos of outer space can explain black holes in greater detail. You will find many different theories about whether or not they might actually be gateways to another distant point in space. But what if there comes a point where science fiction becomes just science? According to Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Star Trek's portrayal of wormholes is actually possible.

Though there is no actual evidence that has ever been discovered to prove wormholes exist, Einstein's own theory suggests that they might be out there. If these wormholes are real and science fiction is closer to reality than we know, what else from Star Trek may prove to be true in the future?



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