Walk Before You Can Fly

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Who are some top astronomy experts today?

Walk Before You Can Fly

The history of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is a very interesting one, and is also a big part of astronomy as we know it today. If you want to see different solar system views, learn more about space exploration and what the future holds, NASA is an integral part of all that.

Online you can find volumes of information about our solar system, universe, and what may lie beyond. Astronomy experts like Sir Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott have filmed numerous videos about the solar system, galaxies and more for the Internet. They explain various aspects of the field, including what you can do to get started if you have an interest in space.

To gain the most information, use resources like these scientists and NASA to cover the most subject matter. Part of becoming a leader in any field is advancement. But in order to take steps forward, you have to know what steps led to where you are now.

Start at the beginning. Then work your way to the present. Then start taking those giant leaps forward.



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