Exciting Discoveries

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What else is out there in space?

Exciting Discoveries

NASA is an exciting organization to learn about because its goal is discovery. NASA works day in and day out to further our knowledge of space, something we know so much yet so little about.

Online you can find astronomy videos, videos about the solar system and more, many of which were made possible by NASA. They are great for teaching children about space and getting them excited about something.

They can learn about the first shuttle built by NASA, Enterprise, an homage to the Star Trek series. Though this shuttle was meant to test technologies and never made it into space, the Columbia did just that a few years later.

The more children get excited about science and discovery now, the more motivated they will be to participate in discovery in the future. Seeing an actual shuttle launch instead of just reading about it is an entirely different experience. Use these videos online to show your children or students what text in a book cannot always capture. They are a great tool for parents, teachers and people who are simply curious.



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