A Hot Knife Through Cake

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How can you neatly cut cake?

A Hot Knife Through Cake

When you make a cake for a special occasion presentation can be very important. Maybe you want to take wedding cake pictures before a reception. Cutting the cake can be just as important as everything you have done leading up to that point. So how do you get neatly cut pieces and avoid mounds of crumbs or a piled mess of cake on someone's plate?

First, make sure to use either a specially made non-stick pan or platter for serving, or place a sheet of wax paper between the cake and platter. This stops the cake from sticking to the dish when you are trying to serve it.

Another easy trick that people tend to forget is heating the knife. “Like a hot knife through butter” is a saying we have all heard. And there is a reason for that. Run the blade of your cutting knife under hot water for 15-30 seconds and then gently wipe away excess water with a paper towel.

Now you have a hot (but not too hot) knife that should cut right through the cake without sticking or leaving behind messy crumbs.



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