Throwing A Card Through A Window

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How do you throw a card through a glass window?

Throwing A Card Through A Window

Card tricks are some of the oldest in the book and many people know the secrets to the more simple ones. But if you really want to dazzle someone, try throwing a card through a glass window. That will get their attention.

You are going to need a deck of cards, one set of duplicate cards, some magician's wax and an assistant. Oh, and a window. For our purposes, let's use the Ace of Diamonds.

You will start by stopping passersby on the street in front of a store window. The chosen card will be on the bottom and you will shuffle the deck, bringing the card to the top. Now you cut the deck, but you keep your chosen card on top by gripping it with your middle fingers so it slides to the top of the portion of the cut deck you will use next.

Now, with the Ace of Diamonds on the top of the cut deck, you force them to choose that card. Have them show the card to each other and then place it back in the deck. Now look through all of the cards and tell them theirs is not there anymore. Quickly throw the deck of cards at the window and theirs will be sticking to the glass on the other side.

How? That's where the assistant and duplicate card comes in. While you are capturing the attention of the participants and diverting their attention from the window, your assistant uses the wax to stick the duplicate card to the inside of the window. Then when you throw the deck, it's magically inside. The trick is to keep their attention focused on you and away from the window.

To practice controlling the cards when you “shuffle,” use card tricks videos online that outline this and other tricks.



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