How To Memorize A Deck Of Cards

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How do you memorize an entire deck of cards?

How To Memorize A Deck Of Cards

Memorizing a deck of cards is not magic, but to most people it is so difficult that it seems like magic. They will spend so much time trying to figure out how you managed to get the cards shuffled in an order that you prearranged (which you did not) that they will miss how you did it altogether. To them it is a magic trick. Here's how.

Start by associating a person to every card in the deck. The suit of hearts could be your family. Let's say the King is your father, Queen is your mother, Jack is your brother, and so on. Now you want to think of 17 locations, like your living room or backyard. Memorize these locations and use them in the same order every time.

Now have someone show you all 52 cards in the deck once. As every three cards are shown, you are actually thinking of the people you associate them with. You also think of the first of your locations. Say mom, dad and little brother watching TV in the living room.

Then they will ask you to recall the order of all 52. You are not focusing on remembering 52 individual cards, but 17 locations with three people in each. By creating associations it is easier to remember large amounts of data.

To be shown a deck of cards only once and memorize the entire thing, then to be shown again in a new order and remember that as well, people will think it is magic. But all it really is happens to be making associations and remembering those. This trick improves your memory for everyday functions and wows people at a party too.



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