Reading Minds With A Deck Of Cards

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Can you read someone's mind with a deck of cards?

Reading Minds With A Deck Of Cards

You do not have to be psychic to read someone's mind. All you need is a deck of cards and a volunteer. Now, you are not really reading their mind, but they will think you are. Here's how it's done.

Take an ordinary deck of cards and a volunteer. The bottom card will be the one you have chosen for them without their knowledge; let's say the Jack of Clubs. Shuffle the deck in front of your volunteer, controlling the cards as you go so that the Jack of Clubs ends up on the top of the deck.

Now rifle through the deck, cutting it at the point they choose. When you do this, control the top card with your middle fingers so that it is (unknowingly to your volunteer) transferred to the top of the portion of the deck they will choose from. Now the volunteer is taking the card you wanted them to take all along.

Have them show it to a friend and then place it back in the deck. Hand them the deck and make a show about reading their mind. Then shock them by yelling out “Jack of Clubs!”

You didn't actually read anyone's mind. You just decided what they would choose before they chose it and made sure that happened. You can learn how to control the deck without them knowing through card trick videos. Then practice until you can do it full speed without anyone noticing.

Now you can read minds and get your own 800 number … sort of.



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