Ing Ping Ching Magic Trick

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How do you do the Ing Ping Ching trick?

Ing Ping Ching Magic Trick

The Ing Ping Ching magic trick is a classic. If done properly you will surely wow audiences. Here is how it is done.

First, take a deck of cards and two identical coins along with a rubber band. Ask your willing participant to choose a card from the deck while holding one of the coins in their other hand and focusing all energy on the coin. The second coin should be in your palm concealed by the deck of cards.

Have them show the card to any other spectators and then place the card back on the top of the deck. You do not need to know what card they have chosen.

Now perform two shuffles. They can be any type of shuffles you wish, so long as two things are accomplished. The first shuffle must place the chosen card on the bottom of the deck. The second one must keep that card in place while mixing up the other cards in the deck, giving the illusion that all are being shuffled. To learn some methods of shuffling that work here, check out a few card tricks videos online.

Now flip over the top card, which you know is not the right one. Make a show about being surprised. Leave the wrong card on top of the deck, face up, and ask them to place their coin on top. Give them a line about the coin and card both retaining some of their energy and they will seek one another out.

Place a rubber band around the deck, securing both the coin in your palm and the one on top of the deck in place. While they are unaware of the coin on the bottom, you know it is there. Keeping the side with the wrong card showing and concealing the other, toss the deck from hand to hand a few times, and then on the last toss quickly flip over the deck without them knowing. Now the chosen card is on top with a coin and they are none the wiser. Ing Ping Ching!



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