The Art Of Origami

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What is Origami?

The Art Of Origami

Origami is an ancient Japanese art form that involves creating representations of objects through strategic folding and creasing of paper. Traditionally this is done without cutting the paper or using any type of adhesive to hold the form together, although this can be done if you choose to do so.

The crane is one of the most famous objects in Origami, but the art form can be used to create other animals and objects like swans, peacocks, or even paper airplanes.

Origami can also be used to make decorations for Christmas and other holidays. Learning this art takes both time and patience. You will probably run through a lot of paper before you start getting it right on the first try every time.

You can even practice on the road with dollar bills if you do not have full-sized paper. For ideas on different things to create and how to make them efficiently, try Origami instructions through online Origami videos where you see things as they are made. You can also find Origami diagrams that can help.

Take a trip to your local art supply store and see if they carry Origami paper so you do not run out of dollar bills or notebook paper to fold.



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