Beatbox Beginnings

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What is beatboxing?

Beatbox Beginnings

Beatboxing is essentially a musical style in which you use your voice, throat, tongue, cheeks and lips to create sounds that you would normally expect to come from a musical instrument. Basically, you turn yourself into the instrument.

The idea of the beatbox came about in the 1980s when Hip Hop really started to take off. Over the years people have developed beatboxing to the point where they can create sounds that are indistinguishable from standard instruments to the ears of most listeners.

Hip Hop videos from the 80s all the way to the present showcase beatboxing and how realistic it can sound. There are well over a dozen different techniques used by beatbox artists that can create a multitude of sounds.

If you want to start beat boxing, you need to try a lot of different techniques to see what you like. Different sounds can work well with each other while others may not. Beatboxing is very improvisational and creative. Much of the best beatbox music is created on the spot as a result of trial and error.



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