Human Beatbox

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What is Human Beatbox?

Human Beatbox is an Internet site dedicated to the beatboxing community. Here you will find information on events, pictures taken at shows, forums, new artists and their work. People who are new to beatboxing will be surprised at how large this community really is.

The goal of the site is to get more people interested in becoming a human beatbox. Some artists you find there also create and post instructional beatbox videos on These videos give beatbox lessons, explaining how many of the basic and more complicated techniques are used.

Since this is a type of music that is difficult to learn by reading a book or magazine, these videos are used to show people how they can get started creating their own original beats. Soon after, you will be able to make beats that sound like they are incorporating real instruments like:

  • Snare drum
  • Kick drum
  • Turn table
  • Bass
  • Horns
  • Stringed instruments
And more …



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