Beatboxing Is A Language

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Is it like learning a language?

Beatboxing Is A Language

As children we learn to speak by getting used to the feelings our mouths and vocal chords make when we move them. You develop rhythms that begin to feel natural and then turn them into words. Next, you start stringing words together to form sentences. Beatboxing is no different.

To beatbox you have to train yourself to make sounds and be comfortable with them. It is just like learning to speak a language. The only way you can do this is by practicing over and over again.

The more you do it the more natural it will feel. As you perfect each technique you will find it easier to transition from one to the next and start stringing beats together like they were sentences.

If you take the same approach to learning how to beatbox that you would in learning a new language, you will progress much faster. Think of it like learning how to pronounce words in your high school Spanish or French class, and then practicing until you get it sounding right. After all, practice does make perfect. Besides, beatbox lessons are probably more fun than high school French class.



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