Who is David Zanthor?

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Who is David Zanthor?

Who is David Zanthor?

David Zanthor is a British magician who has managed to gain the ire of many in the magic community. How has he managed to do this? Simply by his devotion to the truth.

Zanthor loves to wow onlookers with his illusions like any other magician. Where he parts company with the rest of that community is what he does after the illusion. He tells his audience how he does it. This is the equivalent of blasphemy among other magicians. The rule of thumb is that they never reveal, under any circumstances, how they perform their magic tricks.

Zanthor, on the other hand, delights in explaining the illusions. This makes him a great resource for aspiring illusionists. Zanthor works in partnership with Videojug.com to create free magic tricks videos to show people exactly how he shoots an arrow through a woman safely or reads your mind with a deck of cards.

He reveals his magic secrets on video for the world to see. So if you are an aspiring magician, his how-to magic tricks videos are a great tool for learning and practicing.



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