Making A Cigarette Disappear

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How do magicians make things disappear and reappear?

Making A Cigarette Disappear

Have you ever wondered about the magic secrets behind making something disappear and then reappear? You would be shocked at how simple it really is. Here is a way to make an ordinary cigarette disappear and then reappear:

Ask someone if you can borrow a cigarette. While the volunteer takes one out, lick the back of your thumb when he is not looking. When he hands you the cigarette (don't smoke it) bend your thumb forward and grasp it between the forefinger and back of the thumb, pressing gently. The moisture makes the cigarette stick to your thumb.

Bend your arm at the elbow and bring the hand with the cigarette forward, counting each time until you get to three. On the third time, simply open your hand. If you are standing straight in front of the person your thumb will conceal the cigarette sticking to it. It appears to have vanished.

Now quickly bend the elbow and bring the hand forward again a fourth time and bring the cigarette back by bending your thumb and holding it with your forefinger again. You have just made it disappear and then reappear easily.

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