Mercury Fold Card Trick

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How do you perform Zanthor's Mercury Fold card trick?

Mercury Fold Card Trick

Have you ever heard of the Mercury Card Fold magic illusion? Well let's run through the steps to pulling this Zanthor trick off. First, you are going to need some volunteers, a deck of cards and an imaginary deck of cards (that's right).

Start by rifling through the cards until a volunteer tells you to stop. Make sure all participants can see the card you stopped on but you cannot. Now slide your pinky finger into the deck at the point of the selected card without your audience seeing. From the front it appears that the cards are back together but you know differently. Now, when you cut the deck, you can make sure that the chosen card is on the bottom.

Next, shuffle the deck in any manner you like, as long as you control the bottom card and make sure it ends up on top. Now flip the deck over and make like there is a bit of magic happening. Hold it high up in your grip and use your other hand's forefinger to subtly fold the chosen card against your thumb and conceal it in your palm.

Now, to up the ante, tell your volunteers they can hold the deck while you use an imaginary deck to find their card. Cup your hands together, concealing the folded card, and move your thumbs rapidly as if thumbing through a deck of cards. Have them tell you when to stop.

When they tell you to stop, keep the hand with the card cupped and pretend to show them an imaginary card with the other hand. Then make a show of folding the imaginary card a few times and clap your hands together. Slowly reveal their real card folded in your palm. It's magic!



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