Inexpensive Magic Props

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What cheap props can you do magic tricks with?

Inexpensive Magic Props

Some magic illusions require a lot of props, which cost a fair amount of money. So what if you want to dabble in magic but lack the funds to buy these props? The good news is that there are tons of illusions that can be performed with inexpensive items like matchsticks, a deck of cards or coins.

Start out trying some of these magic tricks to get yourself going. Many of the inexpensive props you can use are either found in your own home or can be purchased for relatively little money in various types of stores.

For ideas on what illusions to perform and what types of cheap items can be used, check out free magic tricks videos online. These can not only tell you what to use but how to use them.

Once you get the hang of how these household items can be used for magic illusions, try creating some of your own with other simple items that you can get your hands on.

A big part of entertainment is improvisation, and magic is no different. Create your own props. Maybe after a while you can start making your own how to do magic tricks videos for the Internet to help other budding illusionists get started.



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