Escaping From A Straight Jacket

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Can you really escape from a straight jacket?

Escaping From A Straight Jacket

Many people remember seeing Mel Gibson dislocate his shoulder to escape from a straight jacket in the blockbuster Lethal Weapon 2. But how do you perform this trick for the amusement of an audience without actually causing bodily harm to yourself?

Take a trip to a magic shop. These stores are filled with props for performing magic tricks and illusions. See if you can track down a “magic straight jacket.” These are just like the real thing, except they have a little more wiggle room built into them than a standard straight jacket. But they look real enough.

So strap yourself in and let the theatrics begin. Pretend to dislocate your own shoulder like Mel Gibson. Feign the agony with your facial expressions. Then, slowly lift one arm over your head. Make it look like a real struggle. As the first arm gets over your head, the second arm becomes free as well.

Once your arms are freed you can undo the straps at the back of your neck and slide the jacket over your head. But it's always fun to throw in a little slapstick comedy before getting yourself free.

Magic stores and novelty shops are a great place to find props for your illusions that look real enough to stun your audience. Free magic trick videos online can showcase these items and give you some insight into how to use them convincingly.



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