Magic Coin Trick

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How can you perform magic coin tricks?

Magic Coin Trick

Magic tricks with money are always fun. When dollars and cents are involved, people are very interested when they disappear. They are even happier when money reappears in their possession. So how do you do it? Start with a coin (like a quarter), a twenty dollar bill and a volunteer.

Hold up the bill for the volunteer to see. Then crumple it up and place it their hand. Tell your willing participant to grip the crumpled bill tightly. Then take the coin and make it disappear. Tell them to open their hand and you will find that the coin is inside the crumpled bill. Magic coin trick!

Alright, so there are a few steps in between. When holding the bill up for the volunteer to see, place it between your middle finger and thumb so that the side with your thumb is facing forward. Pressed between your middle finger and the bill is an identical coin to the one you will show them in a minute.

Crumple the bill so it conceals the coin inside before you hand it to your volunteer. While the bill is still inside their hand, take a new coin out and perform a little trickery. Make a loose fist with your left hand so that your palm faces downward. Instead of pushing the coin into your hand, slide it with your thumb to the back of your hand where you will balance it so no one can see. Now open and show that it is gone.

When you tell them to open their hand and unfold the twenty, slide the coin on your hand into a pocket quickly. Your audience think the coin magically appeared in their hand, when in fact there was one there all along.



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