Getting Healthier

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Does losing weight automatically mean you are healthier?

Getting Healthier

If you want to lose weight the first thing you have to realize is that there are no quick fixes to get results immediately. Getting healthy and in shape takes hard work, but it does not have to be impossible.

Avoid weight loss products and trendy diets that promise the world and deliver disappointment. Many of the diets out there today essentially starve the body, which can actually slow your metabolism and make weight loss more difficult.

The other important thing to remember is that your ultimate goal should not be just to lose weight, but to get healthier. The numbers on the scale are not the ones that really matter. Muscle weighs more than fat so you can actually be healthier and in better shape and weigh more. You can be healthier and look better at 150 lbs than you might at 115 lbs.

Your objective should be to reduce your body fat percentage, not just pounds. Increasing muscle, nutrient and vitamin intake and improving your cardio are all things to aim for.

Exercise like biking, crunches, leg lifts and push-ups can all help to increase your metabolism and help you drop fat faster. There are some great weight loss recipes and products out there, too. But the key is to find ones that do not starve the body or make you eat less necessarily, but aim to make you eat healthier.

Skinny is not always healthy. Weight loss videos online are a great way to learn how to speed up your metabolism and eat better to get healthier.



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