Water Weight

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What is water weight?

Water Weight

What many people do not realize is that water retention can be responsible for some extra pounds they may be packing. You might think this means you should cut back on your water intake, but it is the exact opposite. Drink lots of water.

If you do not drink enough water your body will retain extra so that it has enough to survive at all times. If you drink plenty of water regularly your body will continuously get rid of excess water that it does not need.

Another way to decrease water weight is to cut back on salt. Salt essentially dehydrates the body. So when you have too much salt, your body retains more water to flush out the excess salt. Too much salt can also raise your blood pressure and cause heart problems, so cutting back is a good idea all around.

The water that you do drink should be pure or distilled whenever possible. These types have no added sodium (salt) so your body will retain less. So drink more pure and distilled water; your body retains less water; you retain less water weight. Water is the greatest and cheapest weight loss product out there today.



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