Eating What's Good For You

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Do low or no carb diets work?

Eating What's Good For You

The best weight loss recipes you can try are not ones that drastically limit one thing like carbohydrates and think that is the answer to losing pounds fast. Instead, you just need to pay attention to what it is that you are eating.

Do you find yourself looking at the number of carbs in something and passing on it because the figure is too high for your tastes? A lot of people do that. What a lot of people do not do is check to see where those carbs are coming from.

For example, fiber is a carbohydrate. But your body cannot digest it. So fiber will stay in your stomach longer while your body tries to break it down. This will make you feel full for longer and reduce cravings. The fewer cravings you have the less likely you are to eat unhealthy foods.

Better choices when it comes to eating do not have to be about avoiding one thing altogether or drastically limiting it and thinking that is the weight loss solution. Think positive. Start by making sure that you are eating the right foods often enough.



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