Brighter Eyes

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How can you make your eyes look brighter?

Brighter Eyes

Looking to wow that special someone with your eyes? Follow these steps to make your eyes look bright and captivating. Start by applying a light-reflecting concealer on top of the eyelids and under the eyes to make them look less red. To do this you want to take your finger to the makeup and roll it from one side to the other, lifting and repeating until the concealer is completely blended in. Applying your concealer this way will cover any bags under the eyes. To set the concealer so that it doesn't run you want to apply a translucent powder gently with a powder brush.

Next you want to take a smokey gray eye shadow and apply it as eye liner with a thin brush along the lashes of the lid. Use the same color with an eyeliner brush under your eyes along the lashes to cover any red or sore looking skin.

Choose an eye shadow color that will brighten your eyes. Many companies make eye color-specific shadow packs. To apply the eye shadow color you should dab, not brush, it on. To catch the light, add a little bit of extra shimmer to the inner corner of each eye and along the brow bone.

Neaten up your eye brows by brushing them and filling in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil as close to the natural shade of your eyebrows as possible. And, to make your eyes look whiter, run a white eyeliner pencil along the inner rims of your lower eye lids.

To see this done so you can do it better yourself at home, try watching make-up videos on video for help.

Finally, to really open up your eyes, curl your eye lashes, making sure to get as close to the root as possible. Cover your lashes, working from the root to the very tip, in black mascara to finish off the look.



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