Choosing the Right Glass

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Does it matter what glass I use?

Choosing the Right Glass

When working as a bartender it is important to know all about various liquors, beers, wines and mixers. With a wine there are things like the type of grape and the type of barrels used in making the wine. The region it is made in is also important.

How a beer is made and what type of flavor and body you will get is important to know. But there is more to bartending than the alcohol. Glassware is key. What types of glasses? Well, to name a few …

  • Rocks glass
  • Collins glass
  • Highball glass
  • Pilsner glass
  • Martini glass
  • Brandy snifter
  • Red and white wine glasses
Each of these glasses are used for different types of drinks and it is important to know when to use them. Red wine glasses, for example, typically have a wider mouth than white wine glasses because they benefit from more contact with air to “open up” the wine.

Pilsner glasses are used for beers and come in different sizes. They are typically kept in refrigerators so they, along with the beer, are nice and cold for the customer.

Check out bartender videos on the Internet that give you a rundown of the different glassware types and when to use them.



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