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How can you perform magic coin tricks?

Magic Coin Trick

Magic tricks with money are always fun. When dollars and cents are involved, people are very interested when they disappear. They are even happier when money reappears in their possession. So how do you do it? Start with a coin (like a quarter), a twenty dollar bill and a volunteer.

Hold up the bill for the volunteer to see. Then crumple it up and place it their hand. Tell your willing participant to grip the crumpled bill tightly. Then take the coin and make it disappear. Tell them to open their hand and you will find that the coin is inside the crumpled bill. Magic coin trick!

Alright, so there are a few steps in between. When holding the bill up for the volunteer to see, place it between your middle finger and thumb so that the side with your thumb is facing forward. Pressed between your middle finger and the bill is an identical coin to the one you will show them in a minute.

Crumple the bill so it conceals the coin inside before you hand it to your volunteer. While the bill is still inside their hand, take a new coin out and perform a little trickery. Make a loose fist with your left hand so that your palm faces downward. Instead of pushing the coin into your hand, slide it with your thumb to the back of your hand where you will balance it so no one can see. Now open and show that it is gone.

When you tell them to open their hand and unfold the twenty, slide the coin on your hand into a pocket quickly. Your audience think the coin magically appeared in their hand, when in fact there was one there all along.

How do you perform Zanthor's Mercury Fold card trick?

Mercury Fold Card Trick

Have you ever heard of the Mercury Card Fold magic illusion? Well let's run through the steps to pulling this Zanthor trick off. First, you are going to need some volunteers, a deck of cards and an imaginary deck of cards (that's right).

Start by rifling through the cards until a volunteer tells you to stop. Make sure all participants can see the card you stopped on but you cannot. Now slide your pinky finger into the deck at the point of the selected card without your audience seeing. From the front it appears that the cards are back together but you know differently. Now, when you cut the deck, you can make sure that the chosen card is on the bottom.

Next, shuffle the deck in any manner you like, as long as you control the bottom card and make sure it ends up on top. Now flip the deck over and make like there is a bit of magic happening. Hold it high up in your grip and use your other hand's forefinger to subtly fold the chosen card against your thumb and conceal it in your palm.

Now, to up the ante, tell your volunteers they can hold the deck while you use an imaginary deck to find their card. Cup your hands together, concealing the folded card, and move your thumbs rapidly as if thumbing through a deck of cards. Have them tell you when to stop.

When they tell you to stop, keep the hand with the card cupped and pretend to show them an imaginary card with the other hand. Then make a show of folding the imaginary card a few times and clap your hands together. Slowly reveal their real card folded in your palm. It's magic!

How do magicians make things disappear and reappear?

Making A Cigarette Disappear

Have you ever wondered about the magic secrets behind making something disappear and then reappear? You would be shocked at how simple it really is. Here is a way to make an ordinary cigarette disappear and then reappear:

Ask someone if you can borrow a cigarette. While the volunteer takes one out, lick the back of your thumb when he is not looking. When he hands you the cigarette (don't smoke it) bend your thumb forward and grasp it between the forefinger and back of the thumb, pressing gently. The moisture makes the cigarette stick to your thumb.

Bend your arm at the elbow and bring the hand with the cigarette forward, counting each time until you get to three. On the third time, simply open your hand. If you are standing straight in front of the person your thumb will conceal the cigarette sticking to it. It appears to have vanished.

Now quickly bend the elbow and bring the hand forward again a fourth time and bring the cigarette back by bending your thumb and holding it with your forefinger again. You have just made it disappear and then reappear easily.

This is just one of the illusions you can master after watching free magic tricks videos online.

What cheap props can you do magic tricks with?

Inexpensive Magic Props

Some magic illusions require a lot of props, which cost a fair amount of money. So what if you want to dabble in magic but lack the funds to buy these props? The good news is that there are tons of illusions that can be performed with inexpensive items like matchsticks, a deck of cards or coins.

Start out trying some of these magic tricks to get yourself going. Many of the inexpensive props you can use are either found in your own home or can be purchased for relatively little money in various types of stores.

For ideas on what illusions to perform and what types of cheap items can be used, check out free magic tricks videos online. These can not only tell you what to use but how to use them.

Once you get the hang of how these household items can be used for magic illusions, try creating some of your own with other simple items that you can get your hands on.

A big part of entertainment is improvisation, and magic is no different. Create your own props. Maybe after a while you can start making your own how to do magic tricks videos for the Internet to help other budding illusionists get started.

Can you really escape from a straight jacket?

Escaping From A Straight Jacket

Many people remember seeing Mel Gibson dislocate his shoulder to escape from a straight jacket in the blockbuster Lethal Weapon 2. But how do you perform this trick for the amusement of an audience without actually causing bodily harm to yourself?

Take a trip to a magic shop. These stores are filled with props for performing magic tricks and illusions. See if you can track down a “magic straight jacket.” These are just like the real thing, except they have a little more wiggle room built into them than a standard straight jacket. But they look real enough.

So strap yourself in and let the theatrics begin. Pretend to dislocate your own shoulder like Mel Gibson. Feign the agony with your facial expressions. Then, slowly lift one arm over your head. Make it look like a real struggle. As the first arm gets over your head, the second arm becomes free as well.

Once your arms are freed you can undo the straps at the back of your neck and slide the jacket over your head. But it's always fun to throw in a little slapstick comedy before getting yourself free.

Magic stores and novelty shops are a great place to find props for your illusions that look real enough to stun your audience. Free magic trick videos online can showcase these items and give you some insight into how to use them convincingly.

How do you perform the illusion of shooting an arrow through a human being?

Illusion: Shooting An Arrow Through A Human Being

One of David Zanthor's most famous magic illusions is when he appears to shoot an arrow through a woman without harming her. What actually happens is much different than what appears to happen.

First, the gun, similar to a standard rifle, is not real. This means that the arrow never leaves the gun, so it could not have passed through his female assistant. Instead, he use a little bit of pyrotechnics to make it appear as though the gun has fired.

Around the arrow is a loosely coiled ribbon. That ribbon is attached to fishing wire that cannot be seen by the audience. The wire travels across the stage and into a piece of copper tubing hidden under the front of the assistant's shirt. The tube travels around to the back of the shirt and exits, ending in the center of a bullseye.

Another assistant hides behind the target and thrusts a new arrow out through the center after the pyrotechnics go off. This gives the appearance that the original arrow traveled across the stage when the gun‘s trigger was pulled, through the first assistant and into the target.

What really happened was the ribbon was pulled across the stage via the fishing line, which was pulled by a rapidly descending sand bag.

To see exactly how the pyrotechnics, ribbon, fishing line, fake gun, arrows and sand bag all work together to create this magic illusion, pay close attention to David Zanthor's free magic tricks video.

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