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A to Z and Everything In Between

When you start out lifting weights you cannot jump straight to bench pressing 300 pounds. You have to work your way up to that goal, strengthening your muscles and increasing your ability as you go. The same principle applies to Pilates.

As a beginner, you should start with Pilates exercises that are meant for people with little or no experience. These exercises will teach you the basics about positioning, breathing, targeting specific areas of the body and more.

Once you have a grasp on the basics, you can begin to move toward more complex workouts. These will involve exercises that require more strength, balance and endurance. In order to get from A to Z you have to go through all the letters in between. This is not a bad thing, though.

Each step means you are increasing your strength and conditioning. Bit by bit, you are getting in better shape. Use the Pilates videos at VideoJug.com as a place to start and you will notice a vast improvement in the way you look and feel.

Does your diet compliment your workout routines?

Food & Vitamins

Pilates and other forms of exercise are very important in leading a healthy and active life. But exercise is only one aspect of what is needed to stay in shape. The food you eat and the vitamins you do or do not consume will have a big impact on your life.

Talk to your doctor and check out Pilates videos online that outline diets and vitamins to compliment your daily workout. Then take a look at your current diet and compare the two. You may find that there are certain vitamins that you are not getting enough of in your current diet.

Each vitamin has a specific benefit for the human body. Learning about this is just as important as learning how to do the Pilates exercises. Many people today are using Pilates as a way to lose weight and this is good. But unless you show the rest of your daily life the same concern you show your workout you will not get the desired results.

Adjusting to a new diet can be difficult at first, but after a little while you will get used to it and find that you have much more energy than before. Once you feel that difference in energy it is pretty easy to maintain a good diet because you feel better physically and mentally.

How do I strengthen my back through exercise?

Strengthening Your Back Through Pilates

Have you ever injured your back? If you have then you know how frustrating it can be. If you sprain an ankle or break a finger, the rest of your body can still function somewhat normally. The back is different.

An injury to your back neutralizes your core. Your center of gravity is compromised. You will find that your arms and legs are weaker and cannot get the same range of motion when your back is hurt. Strong abdominal muscles won't counteract the weakness in your back. It affects everything.

This is the perfect reason to incorporate exercises that target the back and aim to strengthen it into your workout routine. So many people ignore this important area of exercise, but it is an area embraced by Pilates.

There are tons of Pilates exercises that target the muscles in your back and work to strengthen them. By doing this you are strengthening your core and improving your entire body.

A strong back makes exercising other areas much easier and more productive. So make sure to pay sufficient attention to this and your workouts will be much more effective.

Should I really do warm ups and cool downs with Pilates?

Warming up & Cooling Down After a Workout

Just like you would do before playing baseball, basketball or any sport, stretching and warming up is very important before beginning a Pilates workout. You do not just jump into running up and down a basketball court at full speed without stretching your hamstrings and warming up first.

Before a Pilates workout you need to make sure you warm up properly. This means breathing properly, stretching and getting your muscles ready for exercise. By doing this you get your body loose and avoid pulling or straining muscles.

After your workout you need to do a cool down routine as well. This brings your body back to the natural relaxed state it was in before your workout. It allows your muscles to relax after any exertion.

Pilates workout videos can run through the best warm up and cool down exercises for the type of workout you just completed. Use these as a guide so you keep your body healthy before, during and after a workout.

Can I do Pilates at home just as well as I can at the gym?

Easy Workouts at Home

Pilates classes have become very popular and are offered at most gyms these days. But not everyone has the money for a gym membership or the time to make it to classes regularly.

The answer to this problem is simple. Pilates videos online provide the instruction necessary to get the same type of exercise in your own home on your own schedule. Get an exercise mat, towel and some comfortable athletic clothes. You are ready to go.

Before performing each exercise make sure to watch the entire video once through. Now that you have seen the exercise and what is involved, replay the video as you perform the workout at home.

You can get the same workout at home with free Pilates workout videos that you can get from classes. You can also create a workout that is catered to your needs by watching various videos and gathering Pilates workout ideas from multiple sources.

There is also Pilates equipment made specifically for home use that does not take up much room. As you get into better shape you can move on to more advanced workouts and keep up with anyone from a gym while saving money at the same time.

Do you get neck and headaches after sitting at a desk all day?

Pilates Can Save You a Headache

Have you ever come home with a sore neck after sitting in front of a computer for eight hours? Posture, both in standing and sitting positions, affect the neck and back. Often times people sit at their desk at work in a way that puts unnecessary strain on the neck.

Pilates offers exercises that can be done both at home and while you are at work to strengthen your neck and improve your posture. This will help relieve neck aches and prevent further problems from occurring.

The term “pain in the neck” has more meaning than you might realize. The saying basically means that something is irritating and can give you a headache. The source of headaches can often be discomfort in the neck. Neck pain can travel upward and lead to severe headaches. So taking care of your neck is taking care of your head as well.

By exercising your neck through Pilates exercises you can avoid crippling headaches invading your day. As a result your day to day routine as well as physical exercise and activities will be neck and headache-free.

If you have chronic neck pain or headaches, try Pilates exercises and you will feel the improvement.

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