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How do you memorize an entire deck of cards?

How To Memorize A Deck Of Cards

Memorizing a deck of cards is not magic, but to most people it is so difficult that it seems like magic. They will spend so much time trying to figure out how you managed to get the cards shuffled in an order that you prearranged (which you did not) that they will miss how you did it altogether. To them it is a magic trick. Here's how.

Start by associating a person to every card in the deck. The suit of hearts could be your family. Let's say the King is your father, Queen is your mother, Jack is your brother, and so on. Now you want to think of 17 locations, like your living room or backyard. Memorize these locations and use them in the same order every time.

Now have someone show you all 52 cards in the deck once. As every three cards are shown, you are actually thinking of the people you associate them with. You also think of the first of your locations. Say mom, dad and little brother watching TV in the living room.

Then they will ask you to recall the order of all 52. You are not focusing on remembering 52 individual cards, but 17 locations with three people in each. By creating associations it is easier to remember large amounts of data.

To be shown a deck of cards only once and memorize the entire thing, then to be shown again in a new order and remember that as well, people will think it is magic. But all it really is happens to be making associations and remembering those. This trick improves your memory for everyday functions and wows people at a party too.

How do you make people buy into magic tricks?

Creating Convincing Illusions

Most magicians do not like to give away their secrets. There is a very simple reason for this. Once you know the trick, once the mystery is gone you lose the excitement. Magicians are simply tricksters. As a magician it is your job to sell the trick, making a show of it so it feels like magic.

Theatricality is the key. You have to be charismatic and draw the attention of your audience. They need to feel like you are possibly the exception to the rule; as if you are so over the top that you might just be for real.

Use a commanding voice. Make your physical gestures exaggerated and over the top when necessary. These can also be used as tools of misdirection. While attention is fixed on your face with exaggerated expressions and a booming theatrical voice, they will not see your hands perform a deception.

Magic is all about creating illusions. Making the hand move faster than the eye so one thing appears to be something else. Practice this at home and on your friends. Get their input about what works and what does not. Magic tricks. Mind reading tricks. They are all about creating an illusion and selling that illusion as reality.

If you make it seem like you believe it, you can make them believe it.

How do you do the Ing Ping Ching trick?

Ing Ping Ching Magic Trick

The Ing Ping Ching magic trick is a classic. If done properly you will surely wow audiences. Here is how it is done.

First, take a deck of cards and two identical coins along with a rubber band. Ask your willing participant to choose a card from the deck while holding one of the coins in their other hand and focusing all energy on the coin. The second coin should be in your palm concealed by the deck of cards.

Have them show the card to any other spectators and then place the card back on the top of the deck. You do not need to know what card they have chosen.

Now perform two shuffles. They can be any type of shuffles you wish, so long as two things are accomplished. The first shuffle must place the chosen card on the bottom of the deck. The second one must keep that card in place while mixing up the other cards in the deck, giving the illusion that all are being shuffled. To learn some methods of shuffling that work here, check out a few card tricks videos online.

Now flip over the top card, which you know is not the right one. Make a show about being surprised. Leave the wrong card on top of the deck, face up, and ask them to place their coin on top. Give them a line about the coin and card both retaining some of their energy and they will seek one another out.

Place a rubber band around the deck, securing both the coin in your palm and the one on top of the deck in place. While they are unaware of the coin on the bottom, you know it is there. Keeping the side with the wrong card showing and concealing the other, toss the deck from hand to hand a few times, and then on the last toss quickly flip over the deck without them knowing. Now the chosen card is on top with a coin and they are none the wiser. Ing Ping Ching!

Can you read someone's mind with a deck of cards?

Reading Minds With A Deck Of Cards

You do not have to be psychic to read someone's mind. All you need is a deck of cards and a volunteer. Now, you are not really reading their mind, but they will think you are. Here's how it's done.

Take an ordinary deck of cards and a volunteer. The bottom card will be the one you have chosen for them without their knowledge; let's say the Jack of Clubs. Shuffle the deck in front of your volunteer, controlling the cards as you go so that the Jack of Clubs ends up on the top of the deck.

Now rifle through the deck, cutting it at the point they choose. When you do this, control the top card with your middle fingers so that it is (unknowingly to your volunteer) transferred to the top of the portion of the deck they will choose from. Now the volunteer is taking the card you wanted them to take all along.

Have them show it to a friend and then place it back in the deck. Hand them the deck and make a show about reading their mind. Then shock them by yelling out “Jack of Clubs!”

You didn't actually read anyone's mind. You just decided what they would choose before they chose it and made sure that happened. You can learn how to control the deck without them knowing through card trick videos. Then practice until you can do it full speed without anyone noticing.

Now you can read minds and get your own 800 number … sort of.

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