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Are you trying to create new sounds people haven't heard?

Improvisation & Innovation

Anyone who is familiar with beatboxing knows that it is a musical style based on improvisation and innovation. In this respect it is very much like Jazz. Remember that you are supposed to do your own thing and not follow exactly what others do.

Listen to a lot of different musical types and try to come up with new beatbox sounds and techniques based on what you hear. Be creative and don't just do what has already been done. Start something new that you can call your own. Give people something they haven't seen or heard before. That's how beatboxing started in the first place.

The best musicians throughout history are just that because they dared to create something that wasn't being done by everyone else under the sun.

As you develop new ideas and techniques, don't forget to breathe. It is not unheard of for a beatboxer trying to create new sounds to pass out from not breathing because they were not used to making those sounds and taking a breath at the right times.

If you are new to the style, master the basics that are already out there and how to incorporate your breathing with them before moving on to new creations. It takes time to become a human beatbox.

Is it like learning a language?

Beatboxing Is A Language

As children we learn to speak by getting used to the feelings our mouths and vocal chords make when we move them. You develop rhythms that begin to feel natural and then turn them into words. Next, you start stringing words together to form sentences. Beatboxing is no different.

To beatbox you have to train yourself to make sounds and be comfortable with them. It is just like learning to speak a language. The only way you can do this is by practicing over and over again.

The more you do it the more natural it will feel. As you perfect each technique you will find it easier to transition from one to the next and start stringing beats together like they were sentences.

If you take the same approach to learning how to beatbox that you would in learning a new language, you will progress much faster. Think of it like learning how to pronounce words in your high school Spanish or French class, and then practicing until you get it sounding right. After all, practice does make perfect. Besides, beatbox lessons are probably more fun than high school French class.

How hard is it on your body to breakdance?

Getting in Shape To Break

A little bit of advice if you want to try your hand at breakdancing: get in shape! Breakdancers are usually in extremely good physical condition. In order to pull off many of the truly dazzling moves in this style of dance, your body needs to be in top condition. You need a strong sense of balance, excellent hand strength, and some serious endurance.

Take a minute to watch breakdance crews out of New York and you will see the level of endurance they need for their routines. You are going to see a lot of strong arms and legs and flat stomachs.

So start by getting in some regular exercise. Learn the moves as you go, but it is important to take care of your body as well. Try strength and conditioning exercises like crunches, push-ups and pull-ups, squats and leg lifts. These exercises are all designed to work areas of the body that you will be relying on the most when break dancing.

Take a look at some breakdancing videos and you can get an idea of what it is going to be like and what kinds of muscles you are going to need to focus on. You don't have to be a big body builder, but you need to be in good shape at least.

What if I do not know how to dance?

Learn To Dance W/Hip Hop Videos

Some people are born with a natural affinity for dancing. They can hear any song and start dancing comfortably and look good doing it. Others are not as fortunate. But that does not mean that they cannot learn how to be that good.

If you do not know how to dance or feel awkward out on the floor, Hip Hop videos online can be a big help. You can learn everything from basic moves to complicated dance routines and everything in between.

The great thing about learning this way is you can practice in the privacy of your own home, where you won't be embarrassed if you make a mistake. You also have the video right in front of you so you can see what you are supposed to be doing as you do it.

So if you are not naturally comfortable dancing, all you need are the following things to start getting comfortable:

  • A computer
  • Music
  • Hip Hop videos
  • Your own home
Give it a shot, and when you are ready to try it out on the dance floor you will see the improvement.

Is breakdancing back?

Breakdancing's Back!

If you walk through the streets of major cities in the United States like Boston or New York City, you may have noticed that breakdancing has experienced a resurgence lately. Groups travel to these cities to perform in the streets and entertain tourists and passersby.

Breakdancing is also fun, great exercise and a part of the Hip Hop culture. Have you ever seen someone doing it and wondered what it would be like if you could do it too?

If you want to find the answer to that question all you have to do is check out some breakdancing videos online. You can learn some of the basic moves and how to perform them. Start practicing. Then, once you have mastered those initial parts, you can try moving on to some of the advanced techniques.

Anyone who remembers when breakdancing first showed up knows how entertaining it can be. And if you cannot remember those days, now you can experience something new.

Breakdancing is a crowd pleaser at parties, dances and more. All you need to start getting into it is an Internet connection.

What is beatboxing?

Beatbox Beginnings

Beatboxing is essentially a musical style in which you use your voice, throat, tongue, cheeks and lips to create sounds that you would normally expect to come from a musical instrument. Basically, you turn yourself into the instrument.

The idea of the beatbox came about in the 1980s when Hip Hop really started to take off. Over the years people have developed beatboxing to the point where they can create sounds that are indistinguishable from standard instruments to the ears of most listeners.

Hip Hop videos from the 80s all the way to the present showcase beatboxing and how realistic it can sound. There are well over a dozen different techniques used by beatbox artists that can create a multitude of sounds.

If you want to start beat boxing, you need to try a lot of different techniques to see what you like. Different sounds can work well with each other while others may not. Beatboxing is very improvisational and creative. Much of the best beatbox music is created on the spot as a result of trial and error.

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