Talk the Talk, Pour the Drink

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Do you know the bar lingo?

Talk the Talk, Pour the Drink

Communication is important in just about any setting and behind a bar is no different. You need to be able to communicate with your customers effectively. In order to do that you must know the lingo.

When a customer asks for scotch neat you have to know what that means. On the rocks? No problem. Straight up is our specialty. You have to know that a twist with their Manhattan does not mean you dance to entertain them while pouring the drink.

Check out cocktail videos online where they run through the lingo, things you need to know and do, etc. Asking questions to make sure a customer gets what they want is one thing. But asking what is in something or how to make a drink can often sour the customer's experience and deflate your tip prospects.

Bartending classes can be a good resource, but if you cannot scrape the cash together for that the Internet is another great one, and it is free.



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