Warming up & Cooling Down After a Workout

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Should I really do warm ups and cool downs with Pilates?

Warming up & Cooling Down After a Workout

Just like you would do before playing baseball, basketball or any sport, stretching and warming up is very important before beginning a Pilates workout. You do not just jump into running up and down a basketball court at full speed without stretching your hamstrings and warming up first.

Before a Pilates workout you need to make sure you warm up properly. This means breathing properly, stretching and getting your muscles ready for exercise. By doing this you get your body loose and avoid pulling or straining muscles.

After your workout you need to do a cool down routine as well. This brings your body back to the natural relaxed state it was in before your workout. It allows your muscles to relax after any exertion.

Pilates workout videos can run through the best warm up and cool down exercises for the type of workout you just completed. Use these as a guide so you keep your body healthy before, during and after a workout.



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