Helping Kids Cope With Divorce

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How do I help children cope with divorce?

Helping Kids Cope With Divorce

As difficult as divorce can be for adults, it can be even harder on children. Oftentimes children feel unwarranted guilt and believe they are the cause for their parents separating.

Parents have to explain to their children that they are not the cause of the divorce. This needs to be done early and often to curb the guilt that they might experience.

A child figures out who he or she is as life goes on through a number of ways. One of the things that plays a large role in this is the connection they have with their parents. They need that connection with both mother and father, and parents have to realize they must cooperate and put their children first. Avoid hostility when around the children. Make them the priority.

Staggering numbers of youths in prison today come from single-parent homes, where one of those connections has been severed. As divorce statistics rise, so does this. There are divorce videos online that help people cope and help them communicate with their children too.

They are valuable resources that can help everyone deal with a very difficult process.



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