Testicular Cancer

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Do you perform self-exams for testicular cancer?

Testicular Cancer

A very important men's health issue that often gets overlooked is performing testicular self-examinations. Testicular cancer is something that all men should be aware of and do everything they can to detect it as early as possible.

The earlier cancer is detected the better the chances are of overcoming it. Self-examinations are a good way of protecting yourself. If you notice something unusual you can call your doctor and set up an appointment rather than just waiting for your yearly checkup and hope the timing is on your side.

If you are unsure how to perform the self-examination, ask your doctor or check online. Once you know how, this is something that you can easily do every day before you shower.

It takes very little time but can make a very big difference in your life. It is just as important for men to do this as it is for women to do self-examinations for breast cancer. Many people find out they have cancer months or years after they could have known had they taken the time to do this.

Taking that time can save lives.



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