Creating Convincing Illusions

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How do you make people buy into magic tricks?

Creating Convincing Illusions

Most magicians do not like to give away their secrets. There is a very simple reason for this. Once you know the trick, once the mystery is gone you lose the excitement. Magicians are simply tricksters. As a magician it is your job to sell the trick, making a show of it so it feels like magic.

Theatricality is the key. You have to be charismatic and draw the attention of your audience. They need to feel like you are possibly the exception to the rule; as if you are so over the top that you might just be for real.

Use a commanding voice. Make your physical gestures exaggerated and over the top when necessary. These can also be used as tools of misdirection. While attention is fixed on your face with exaggerated expressions and a booming theatrical voice, they will not see your hands perform a deception.

Magic is all about creating illusions. Making the hand move faster than the eye so one thing appears to be something else. Practice this at home and on your friends. Get their input about what works and what does not. Magic tricks. Mind reading tricks. They are all about creating an illusion and selling that illusion as reality.

If you make it seem like you believe it, you can make them believe it.



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