Measuring Body Fat Percentage Vs. Weight

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Is a weight scale really a good way to measure health?

Measuring Body Fat Percentage Vs. Weight

When you are trying to drop a few pounds and get into shape stepping on the scale every day can sometimes be frustrating. Instead, try focusing more on body fat percentage. You can buy devices that can calculate your body fat percentage in seconds, or you can find formulas online for calculating it yourself.

The reason why this is better than just monitoring your weight every day is because this is more accurate. Since muscle is heavier than fat, and as you exercise you will develop more muscle, your weight may not be an accurate measurement of your progress.

Dieting is not enough to get the job done, because you can lose weight but still have a high body fat percentage and be unhealthy.

Instead, changes in your body fat percentage can show how much ground you are really gaining in the battle to get into better shape. So when you decide it is time to kick it into gear and get into shape, set a percentage goal rather than a pound goal. You can still lose weight this way, but you will feel much better when you hit this type of goal.

These devices are great weight loss products because they don't focus just on weight loss. You see the progress you are making and the weight loss is a byproduct.



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