Fuller-Looking Lips

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How do you make lips look fuller?

Fuller-Looking Lips

You do not have to have surgery to have lips that are full and colorful. You do not need injections to fill them out. Instead you can go the all natural way make your lips look like you stole them from Angelina Jolie.

For full "kiss me" lips without surgery, start by applying light reflecting concealer around the outside of your lip line. Then blend the concealer in with your finger. It will reflect the light and add shadows around your lips, making them look bigger.

Now, apply a nude lip liner to your lip line. Because you have already applied concealer, you can apply this slightly past your natural lip line. Fill in your lips with the nude liner to make a base for your lipstick or lip gloss to adhere to.

Using a lip brush, you can apply clear or colored lip gloss or lipstick. To finish the look, apply a dab of sparkle lip gloss only to the center of your bottom lip to draw the light, which will give the illusion of fuller lips.

For other ways to enhance your lips, take a look at how to apply makeup videos online.



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